Tracking Tasks and Budgets

Access and Use the Task Editor


Think of the task editor as a one-stop-shop for entering tasks and task-related information in BigTime. Instead of entering tasks one at a time on the task dashboard, you can enter your tasks and task-related information all at once. Then, click on another project and do the same thing. You’ll also see budgeted dollars and hours for a project at-a-glance.


Take care of all of your task-related all at once. Add as many tasks as you need for a project, copy tasks from another project, and create recurring tasks. Then add details about each task, like the number of hours allocated and who’s assigned to it.

Add tasks and subtasks that are relevant to your firm. There’s no requirement, so you can add as much or as little information as you’d like. Plus, you can come back later to add, update, and delete information.

Use hotkeys to easily navigate within the task editor.

Access the Task Editor

Here’s how to access the task editor from your list of projects:

  1. Click My Company...Project List. This will take you to your list of projects. 

  2. Click on a project. The task editor is available in each project.

  3. Click Tasks located on the navigation bar of the project window.

  4. Select Editor to access the task editor.

    Previously created tasks are automatically added to the task editor. You’re able to edit tasks and add subtasks. However, if you’ve not yet added tasks for a project your task editor window will be blank. It’ll look like this:

    Now you’re ready to create tasks and subtasks.

TIP: Save your work

Turn on the auto-save feature, located near the top-right of your Task Editor window, by clicking the "auto-save" text. That way, BigTime saves your work automatically. Alternatively, you can manually save your work by clicking SAVE, near the bottom-right of the window.


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