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Setting up Report Security


System admins have access to all reporting offerings in BigTime’s Report Center, including many pre-built report templates and the option to create custom reports.

Admins can also establish report permissions to restrict or grant report viewing access to staffers. There are three options to make reports accessible to staffers:

  • Make reports public to all staffers,
  • Restrict access by security/user group, or
  • Share reports with specific users within a user group.

This article will provide a brief overview of these options. It’ll also direct you to detailed articles about each topic.


Share reports among your firm's BigTime users. For example, share billing reports with your accountants; share project and task reports with project managers.

Restrict content access, so staffers only see the information you want them to see.

Make reports public
 so staffers can get a grasp on project progress and their performance.


Allow all of your staffers to see the reports you create, which we refer to as making a report “public.”

After you add criteria to your custom report and click Create a Report, a new “Publication Settings” window will pop up. Find the label “Publish To.” Click the red triangle under this label and select Public Reports from the picklist.

Click Publish Report to publish your report. Then, staffers can navigate to Reports...Public Reports to see the report.


Instead of giving all staffers access to a report, you may want to restrict report access to specific user groups. For example, only managers see certain reports. In this case, you’d restrict permissions by user group. You can also determine the content staffers see, such as projects they’re assigned to or projects they oversee.

Check out these articles for more information:

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Setting Up Report Security


You can share reports with a report group in BigTime or a group of staffers. You’ll find shared reports in two places: under Reports...My Reports and in your report center (Reports...Report Center).

Click here to learn more about sharing reports.

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