Editing Reports

Live Filtering and Custom Report Filters


Add another layer of customization to your reports by applying live filters (and maybe even exporting views of live-filtered reports) or by creating custom report filters that are memorized and applied to reports.

Applying Live Filters to Reports

Similar to live grouping/sorting options, you have the ability to live-filter on BigTime reports using the down-arrow icon in the utility menu above your report. Unlike dynamic grouping and sorting, you can apply filters to multiple columns.

Click the down arrow next to the category you’d like to filter. This will present different items for inclusion in your filtering settings. You can select multiple values by placing a checkmark next to them, or simply type within the text field to choose and apply one item. You can apply filters on multiple columns and remove filtering by using the CLEAR button.

Creating Custom Report Filters

If you want a report to always run on certain criteria (and exclude certain information), then custom filtering is probably a good option. In doing so, you are telling the system which criteria need to be met on the back end in order to make that data appear on a given report.

Just as with editing grouping and sorting settings, you will need to open the report you’d like to edit and select the EDIT THIS REPORT option from the Customize menu. Once you’ve opened up the Report Wizard, choose CUSTOMIZE FILTERING from the Options menu.

From the Filtering options box you can set criteria based on a relationship between one value to another by choosing a comparison value. For example, to yield values for all projects that fall into the the Administrative category, this would be the way create that filter.

As soon as you add a second filter, you must use a filter combination. Reveal an explanation about how to do this by clicking the hypertext that reads SHOW FILTERING COMBINATIONS.

To save and apply your custom filters, make sure to select the UPDATE REPORT button.

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