Timesheet Review and Approval

See Submitted Timesheet and Expense Status with Approval Notes


Approval notes reveal the status of staffers’ submitted timesheets and expenses: whether a timesheet is pending review or whether it’s been approved. This information is helpful if your firm uses multi-level approvals, so you can see where a timesheet is in the review process.

This article explains how to add “approval notes.”

  1. Navigate to My Company...Pending Approvals.

  2. Click the Timesheets or Expenses tile. We’ll click “timesheets” in this example.

  3. Click on a hyperlink under the Unapproved column and you’ll be taken to a new window, which is where you’ll add “approval notes.”

  4. Click on the Gear icon and a picklist will populate. Click on Approval Notes, as well as any other fields you’d like to populate in your window, and click Apply to apply your change(s).

    See the timesheets associated with our staffer, including statuses for the different levels of approval (primary, secondary, final), under the Approval Notes column. You can also see who approved the timesheet (name) and when (time and date).

    NOTE: The time zone in the timestamp is based on your BigTime settings. In our example, we have the timezone configured to central time.

    You can follow the same steps with the Expense tile.

TIP: Another Place to See Current Approval Status

There’s one more way to see current approval status: in your project history. Navigate to your Project Dashboard (My Company...Project List, and select a project) and click on the tab with three horizontal dots. A picklist will populate and you’ll select Time/Expense History.

Then, click on a hyperlink under Input hours and you’ll be taken to a new window.

Now we need to add “approval notes” to our view. Click the Gear icon, near the top-right of your window, and find Approval Notes from the picklist. Check the box next to this field and click Apply.



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