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Configure your Company's Lexicon


This article will show you how to update the lexicon in BigTime, so it fits the language your firm uses. For example, you refer to labor codes as “categories” or projects as “jobs.”

  1. Click My Company...My Company from your navigation bar.
  2. Click on the lexicon tab

    This is where you can customize BigTime to speak the language of your current business practices. There are four sections where you can rename values:

    * General Terms
    * Accounting System
    * Cost Centers 
    * Billing Rates

  3. Enter the value in the textbox as you want it to appear in your BigTime environment. The process is the same, despite the section.

    For example, indicate how you want to refer to labor codes (eg, “categories”) and what a shortened version of that would be (eg, “cat”).

    Here’s another example: we want to change the labels to two of our rates, which we did below: Standard Rate and Discounted Rate.

  4. Click Save to save your changes. Or click Undo Edits to undo the changes you just made.

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