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Assign Staffers to Security Groups


When you start with BigTime, you’ll add staffers and assign them to a security group. This group determines the staffer’s access to your firm’s information and BigTime’s features. By default, you’ll have two groups to pick from: Everyone or System Administrator. Alternatively, you can create your own group with customized staffer rights, like a management group that can approve timesheets and expense reports.

This article will explain your different security group options.


Assign each staffer a security group: System Administrator or Everyone. The group determines what the staffer can and cannot access when they log into BigTime.

Create your own security group. Some companies prefer to create their own security groups with specific user rights within BigTime, like a group for accounting or management.

Customize security access. Use the on and off switch within a security group to eliminate or add rights within a specific group. For example, turn on “allow user to add projects,” so staffers in the Everyone group can add projects to BigTime.

Everyone Group

Most staffers are added to the Everyone group, which allows them to:

  • Log time to timesheets.
  • Submit expense reports.
  • See assigned tasks. (Staffers on a project team can also see unassigned tasks.)
  • Make corrections to timesheets or expense reports when requested by managers.

Staffers in this group usually don’t create project budgets or add new projects or add staffers to BigTime. For this reason, they don’t need access to management level reporting or accounting data that BigTime imports from QuickBooks.

System Admins See Everything

System admins set up their company’s BigTime account and have full access to the system. Some companies like to split up admin responsibilities and have multiple admins, like an IT admin and an accounting admin. For example, an accounting admin may have access to reports and the ability to edit posted or approved invoices.

Customize Staffer Rights

You can customize staffer rights within a security group. For example, system admins can create a security group, like Team Leads, with specific rights. Then, admins can grant select staffers access to it.


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