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Adding New Users To BigTime


This article walks you through the process of inviting users to BigTime. BigTime empowers your entire firm to collaborate. Every participant in that process is considered a user, even if they are just a contractor.


You can invite users from the staff list. If a user already exists in the staff list, you can invite them from their staff details. If they don’t already exist, you can invite them as soon as you add them.

BigTime uses your new staffers’ email addresses as a unique ID. We send them an email invitation as soon as you click the INVITE button. Once users click on the link in the invitation and set up their system password, you will see their status change from "invited" to "active."

Your users need to confirm their email address in order to login.  If, for some reason, a user doesn’t receive the invite email BigTime sends, you can just resend the invite email from that staff member's detail page.

Step By Step: Adding New Users

  1. Open up your Staff List.  From the main menu, you get to the staff list page by clicking the MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST menu option.  You’ll see the list of staffers who have already been added to the system, along with a column (called “account status”) that tells you which staff members have not yet been invited to login.

    Note that the “account status” field will be blank if the staffer is an active BigTime user.
  2. If you don’t see your the staffer you’d like to invite in the list, click ADD STAFF to add them. Existing staff members can be invited by clicking on them and then clicking the “email invite” link on the user’s detail screen.  Otherwise, click ADD STAFF to add a new user to your staff list.

  3. Enter the name, email address and default permission group for your new user. We use the email address to send out their invitation to BigTime and it becomes their login email. The group value set is the level of access they'll have in BigTime. For more information on customizing User Rights, click here.

    A. If you select ADD+INVITE, the staff member will be added to your staff list and automatically sent an email invite to the firm.

    B. If you choose ADD, the staff member will be added to your staff list and you can invite them later from inside the basic info tab.

  4. Once you invite your staffer, their account status will be pending until they accept their email invite.

    If your user doesn’t see the invitation you email, have them check their spam folder. Once the staffer clicks on the link in the invitation, they can set up their BigTime password and start using the system.

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