Entering Time in BigTime

High-Quality Timesheet Notes


While it may seem obvious, high-quality timesheet notes are an important part of an effective strategy for managing resources within your firm.  This video talks about some specific ways you can help your team improve timesheet quality by leaning on some easy-to-install browser plug-ins.

High-Quality Notes Helps Drive Profitability

BigTime's data team has figured out that you can increase your firm's realization rate by 5.5% if your entries have 150 characters or more in the notes field.  That finding comes from a first of it's kind study conducted on millions of timesheet entries spanning multiple industries.

Browser Add-Ins Make Quality Notes Easier to Achieve

Struggling to get your team to focus on entering high-quality notes? This video from BigTime's chairman John Howell walks you through using two popular browser add-ons to make quality timesheet notes easy to manage. Take a look. Then, use the links below to download the tools in the video.

Grammerly for Chrome

Auto-Text Expander for Chrome

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