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Entering Time From Your Task Dashboard


Once staffers are assigned tasks, they can log time against them. Use the Task Dashboard to log a specific amount of time against a task. Or start a timer that’ll track time in real-time against a task. This article will explain both options.

NOTE: System admins need to customize timesheets to include “task field,” so staffers can apply time at the task level. Then, staffers can follow the step-by-step process below to enter time on the Task Dashboard.

Log Time and Start a Timer on the Task Dashboard

The Task Dashboard makes it easy to manage tasks and time. This section explains how to log time and start a timer from the Task Dashboard. Follow the steps below.

First, let’s get to your Task Dashboard. Click WORKFLOW...TASK DASHBOARD from the navigation bar.

Click on the timer icon next a task.

A new window will pop up, where you can add log time to your timesheet or start a timer.

To log time, enter the relevant information like date and hours and click Save to save your time entry.

NOTE: Entering time from this workflow won’t submit time; it’ll only add it to the user’s timesheet.

The time you entered is automatically applied to your timesheet.

Alternatively, use this same icon to start a timer. It’s a way to track time in real time. On the same pop up window, click Start Timer to start your timer.

The newly added timer will pop up and you’ll see time being applied to the task.

To address any timer-related details, like pausing, stopping, or deleting a timer, access the timer from your BigTime home screen by clicking on the clock icon.

Click Save to save your timer.

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