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Entering Time From Your Task Dashboard


Once staffers are assigned tasks, they can log time against them directly from the Task Dashboard. To make this an option to your staffers, system admins must first customize timesheets to include the task field, in order to allow time tracking at that level. Then staffers can follow this step-by-step process for time entry from the Task Dashboard.

Time Tracking and the Task Dashboard

  1. Click on the WORKFLOW...TASK DASHBOARD tab from the navigation menu. This will take you to the Task Dashboard.
  2. Click on the timer icon next a task. Doing so will open a dialogue box for entering time against this task.

  3. Enter your hours and other required information, and click the SAVE button to capture your time entry.


  • Where does the time go when I click save?
    Once you click save within the Task Dashboard, time gets entered into your weekly/daily time sheet in the system. You can still edit your time from these views and will still need to submit your time from these entry methods.
  • Can I use the timer function from the Task Dashboard?
    Yes, to start a timer against a task on the Task Dashboard, click the timer icon next to the task you'd like to log time against, and then select the START TIMER button to begin a timer. 
  • Where can I read more information about using timers? Learn more about using timers from this article: Using Timers in BigTime.
  • Why don't I see the task field on my timesheet? 
    Time entry against tasks, either directly from your timesheet or from the Task Dashboard, requires your system administrator to add this field to the timesheet form. Read more about customizing your timesheet here: Customizing Your Timesheet.
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