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  • Can I extend the 14-day free trial? Yes. If you have more questions for your trial account manager, the free trial expiration date can be changed. As soon as you sign up for the trial, you are automatically assigned a trial account manager. This person will reach out to you, provide contact information, and act as your guide to the setup and successful use of BigTime. If you are a QuickBooks user, we encourage you to connect your QB file to experience what it’s like to work with your own data.  Help is only a phone call away, or email success@bigtime.net.
  • What happens when the free trial is over? Access to the data in your free trial will be locked up on expiration. Your information is still there, but not available. If you want to transition to customer status, reach out to your trial manager to discuss pricing and payment options. Once that’s done, your account manager will work with you to set up your initial training.
  • How do I become a BigTime customer? When you’re ready to become a BigTime customer, your trial account manager will transition with you to act as your account manager, delivering a seamless onboarding process.

    Pricing will be based on which version of BigTime you choose, and the number of people who will use the account. Based on this information, your account manager will send you an estimate. Once you sign off on the estimate, you will receive an invoice, authorizing payment by credit card. You may choose between quarterly payments, or receive a 20% discount for paying the year in advance.
  • Is it a full service product trial? Yes. You get the complete BigTime application. You can enter your own projects, clients, staff lists, and more. Or, if you’re a QuickBooks user, you can save yourself some time doing manual entry and integrate your QuickBooks file (Online or Desktop) with BigTime.
  • Can I invite other people to trial? Yes, you can and we hope you do. We want you and your staffers to experience the powerful but easy-to-use features of BigTime’s time and billing application.
  • Will I have access to support during the free trial? You bet. Trial users can contact support via support@bigtime.net Your trial account manager will set up an orientation call, and will be on hand if you have specific questions.
  • Can I arrange a demo? Absolutely! BigTime takes a consultative approach personalized to your unique process. We start with a briefing call, to learn about the problems you’re facing and the solutions you’d like to see. After that, your trial account manager constructs a demo that addresses your specific concerns.
  • What constitutes a user? A user is not limited to the people who track their time. A user is also anyone who will have time tracked in the system, even if someone else enters it on their behalf. A user is also anyone who has access to the account whatever the reason, to run reports, create invoices, or push info to QuickBooks.

    Read our Terms of Service.


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