How-To Guide

Starting Your Free Trial


You can take BigTime for a test drive, and it’s absolutely free. Get started in just a few easy steps.

  1. Go to BigTime’s website and complete the free 14-day free trial form, then click the Start My Free Trial button. You’ll use the email address and password you enter on the form to login to BigTime, so please make sure you have access to the email. Once you've signed up, you’ll see a “thank you” confirmation page.

  2. Check your email inbox.  You’ll receive a confirmation email from BigTime that contains the link you’ll need to get into your free trial. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder and make sure that BigTime is whitelisted. Still don’t see it? Contact BigTime at

  3. Click the link in the BigTime welcome email (or copy and paste the URL into your browser) and you’re all set! The link takes you right to the BigTime site where you can confirm your password and create your initial (empty) subscription. Once you’re signed up, take a look at the articles listed below in order to get to know the system

    And, don’t forget to contact support if you have any questions!


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