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Create and Edit Field Values


Field Values is a broad category consisting of five smaller categories:

  • Project Type, 
  • Contact Type, 
  • Team Role, 
  • Staff Dept, and 
  • Credit Cards.

You'll access these categories to add information about your projects, contacts, and team. You can also add company credit cards and grant staffers access to them, so they can create credit card expense entries in BigTime.

This article will explain how to access Field Values and describe its five categories. We’ll also provide links to detailed articles for each category discussed.


Identify team members’ roles by creating values under Team Role.

Add company credit cards so staffers can create credit card expense entries in BigTime, and link the cards with QuickBooks.

Add and customize values that are relevant to your firm. You can add and/or edit values for each category.

Access Field Values

Follow these steps to get to Field Values:

  1. Click My Company...Field Values.

  2. Click Field Values, located on the middle of the gray navigation bar.

  3. Select a category to add and/or edit values.

About Field Values

We’ll briefly describe what you can do with the five Field Value categories:

  • Project Type: Add values, like consulting or advertising, in order to classify your projects on the Project Dashboard.
  • Contact Type: Create values like “senior accountant” or “lead media contact” to add more information about your contacts.
  • Team Role: Identify the different positions on your team, such as creative director or production assistant, with this category. Then, when you assign staffers to a project, you can identify their specific role.
  • Staff Dept: Specify the department assigned to a project, like the editorial or engineering department.
  • Credit Card: Add your company credit cards, so staffers can log create credit card expenses entries in BigTime.

Each category has its own article:

Field Values: Project Type

Field Values: Contact Type

Field Values: Team Role

Field Values: Staff Dept

Field Values: Credit Cards

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