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Cost centers refer to the department responsible for a cost. If an engineer purchases a new computer, the cost will be allocated to the engineering department. You can add cost center values in BigTime so staffers can designate a cost.

BigTime has several cost center categories:

  • Staff Role,
  • Service Offering, and
  • N/A.

The above fields can be renamed, in order to make them firm relevant. Do this by updating the lexicon settings. For example, rename the default cost center “N/A” to “Location,” if your company has multiple office locations. 

This article will explain how to access cost centers, and it’ll describe its three categories. We’ll also provide links to detailed articles for each of the three categories discussed.


Add cost center values to designate the department responsible for a cost.

Customize the values you create, so they are firm-relevant. You can add as many or as few values as you’d like. Plus, you can add descriptions to add more information about each value.

Apply the values you create on the Project Dashboard for each project. Then, run reports to see which staffer type—sales or administration, for example—costs you the most money.

Access Cost Centers

Follow these steps add or edit cost center values:

  1. Click My Company...Field Values.

  2. Click Cost Centers at the top of the gray navigation menu.

  3. Select one of the three cost center categories: Staff Role, Service Offering, or N/A.

About Cost Centers

We’ll briefly describe what you can do with three categories under cost centers:

  • Staff Role: These values indicate a staffer’s position (role) in your firm, such as editorial assistant or website tech.
  • Service Offering: These values indicate the service a staffer offers. Service Offering values are like departments: a broad categorization of your staffers, like engineering or sales.
  • N/A: This category is another way to add cost-related details to a project. Oftentimes, users with multiple companies change the title of the “N/A” field to “Company Location,” by adjusting the lexicon settings. Then, they create values for each location, such as Boston, Chicago, and New York; apply the respective value to each project; and run a report to gauge how each location is performing from a cost perspective.

Each category has its own article. Click on the links below to learn more about each one:

Cost Centers: Staff Role

Cost Centers: Service Offering

Cost Centers: N/A Field

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