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Customize your Project List


You access your Project List regularly, so have it appear the way you like it. This article will show you several ways to customize your Project List, from adding filters to adding or removing columns.

We’ll focus on the icons located on the top-right of your Project List. To get there, click My Company...Project List on your navigation bar.

Moving from left to right, we’ll explain each option.

Include inactive/complete projects - Check this box to include inactive and completed projects. Doing so can clutter your Project List, so you can check and uncheck this box as needed.

Flat view/Project view - Click on the white triangle next to the gray box with three white lines. A picklist will populate and you can select your view: flat view or by project. Your selection will impact how your Project List is displayed.

A flat view shows your projects as a laundry list: one after another. Or, if you don’t use projects, you’ll see a list of your clients. A project view, on the other hand, shows your projects organized by project. Or toggle between the two.

This is an example of the Flat View.

And this is an example of the Project View. 

Filter - Click on the filter icon, the triangle surrounded by a box, to add filters to your columns. Then, you can customize your filters. Click on the filter symbol on a column and a small window will populate, where you can make selections to customize the column. Click Apply to apply your selection(s).

Remove the custom filter by re-clicking on the column’s filter symbol, and clicking Clear

To remove all filters from every column, re-click the filter icon.

Add or remove columns - Click on the gear icon to add or remove columns. A picklist will populate and you can add or remove fields. You can also change the position of the columns by clicking on the arrows and dragging and dropping them to your preferred location.

Export - Click Export and a small picklist will populate with two options: PDF or XLS(Excel).

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