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What is resource allocation? Where can I find it in BigTime? And who uses it? We’ve compiled answers to commonly asked questions about resource allocation, so you can decide if it's right for you.

I have a small company. How will resource allocation help me?

Any company juggling multiple projects, clients, and staffers can benefit from resource allocation. It’s a tool that helps companies manage their resources: staffers and budgets. With resource allocation, you can plan for future work and allocate staffers’ time effectively. As a result, you’ll stay organized, hit deadlines, and manage projects effectively.

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How should I use resource allocation?

You can do a lot with resource allocation. Here are some highlights:

  • Create a project plan that includes details about your staff and budgets. For example, add staffers to a project and allocate the number of hours they’ll work on it. Then, gauge the project’s progress over time and determine if your team is on track to hit the deadline.

  • Plan for future projects several months in advance. That way, you’re prepared when a busy time hits or something unexpected happens.

  • Assess the progress of a project and make changes if necessary. After you input information about your project into the resource allocation editor, use the graphs BigTime generates so you can see how your projects are tracking. Notice which staffers are logging the most hours to a project, and causing you to go over budget. You can also run resource allocation reports for additional project details.

  • Take the guesswork out of business planning by making hourly or fixed-fee revenue projections. For example, you can see who’s bringing in the most revenue. Or find out which months you’ll have a surplus of cash.

Can all BigTime users access resource allocation?

Resource allocation is available to Premier users. However, existing Pro users can get a free 14-day trial. You can also attend a free webinar, during which a BigTime expert walks you through resource allocation. 

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Who benefits from resource allocation?

Business owners definitely benefit from this tool, since they can plan for their business' needs. Do you need to hire more staffers in March, a notoriously busy time? Which staffers are bringing in the most revenue? Get the answers to these type of questions with resource allocation.

Project managers also benefit from this tool. They take advantage of easily tracking projects, budgets, and staff utilization. Gone are the days of scrambling to see who’s free to take on a client request or committing to projects that you can’t fulfill.

Plus, your employees also win. They’re engaged because project managers can easily see who’s over and under capacity, and can adjust workloads as needed. And clients are informed. Project managers communicate a project’s status with clients and advise them if challenges, like going over budget, arise.

How do I enter data for resource allocation?

Access the resource allocation editor to enter data. The editor is used to manage current projects and plan for future ones. Use it to assign staffers to tasks and allocate hours to them.

How often should I use resource allocation?

Typically, a project manager references the resource allocation tool on a daily or weekly basis. Below is how we suggest using this tool.

First, add the project details with the resource allocation editor and keep this information up to date. Although this step takes a little time up front, the information it generates pays dividends in return. Plus, the planning process itself is helpful for project managers to think through the details of a project and how they work together.

Second, reference resource allocation data, which is generated by the resource allocation editor, on a regular basis. We also encourage project managers to frequently run resource allocation reports and use revenue projections to make the best use of entered data.

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