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Resource Allocation in BigTime


Managing multiple projects and staffers is a challenge. That’s why we created a resource allocation feature, so you can see how your projects and staffers fit together. With resource allocation, you can:

  • Break out project budgets over time and staffers,
  • Plan for future work, and
  • Allocate staffers’ time effectively.

Simply put, resource allocation helps you stay organized, hit deadlines, and keep your staffers busy, and, consequently, engaged.

In this article, we’ll explain why resource allocation is useful in BigTime and how to access it. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions at the end.


  • See how projects and staffers fit together. Resource allocation will get your diverse team working together on separate projects in an effective way.
  • Make key business decisions. Can you take on another project? Do you need to hire more people? Do you need to move staffers between projects to get the job done? Answer these questions with resource allocation.
  • Plan for the future. Think ahead: allocate budgets and hours months into the future. Now you’ll be prepared when a big project starts in six months or when a client calls and needs a quick turnaround for a smaller project.
  • Use your staffers effectively. See which staffers are being over or under utilized, and adjust hourly allocations accordingly.

Knowing where your employees spend their time can ultimately help save your company time and money—which is what BigTime is intended to do.

How to Access Resource Allocation

Now let’s learn how to access resource allocation:

  1. Go to My Company...Project List to access your list of projects.

  2. Select a project. Or create a new project by clicking +Add Project located on the top-left corner of your project window and add the relevant details.

  3. Click Tasks on the project dashboard navigation menu.

  4. Click Editor to access the task editor if you have new tasks to add to a current project. Or if you’ve created a new project, access the editor to add task-related information to it.

  5. Click Allocations, once you’ve added tasks and task-related information to your project.

  6. Click Create Allocations, if you're new to allocations, and you’ll be automatically directed to a window that’ll let you create and edit allocations.

    If you’ve previously used resource allocations, click Edit Allocation.

    Now you’re ready to enter or edit allocations for your project. Click here to find out more about using the resource allocation editor in BigTime.



  • Who can access resource allocation?
    Firms with the Premier service level can access resource allocation. Click here to learn more about Premier. However, if you’re an existing Pro user you can get a free trial to see if resource allocation fits your business needs. To find out more, contact your sales representative or email

  • How do I know if resource allocation is right for me?
    Managing multiple projects and staffers is tough. There are many moving parts and you need to make sure you’re planning effectively: ensuring you’ve got the resources and team members to get the job done. That’s where resource allocation comes in. It’ll give you the information you need at-a-glance so you can communicate with the client and make business decisions.

  • How often should I be using resource allocation?
    Resource allocation is intended to be a source of information you can turn to and use on a regular basis. Think of resource allocation as a living document to edit and adjust over time.
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