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Merging Duplicate Project Data


At some point duplicate projects are going to be created. When BigTime merges projects, it deletes the project you select, but moves all of its history (time, expenses, invoices, team, rate information, etc.) to another project first. This article walks you through this process.

Step By Step

  1. Select a subject (eg - the project you’d like to remove) from your project list. When you merge projects, you start with the duplicate (eg - the project you’d like to remove from BigTime).  You’ll do that by choosing the project from the list in your MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST page.

  2. At the bottom of the Project detail screen, click Merge Project.  Note that the merge/delete button is actually a picklist button.  BigTime will remember the item you selected last, but will default to the “delete” action on that button.  So, click the up arrow to pick the MERGE PROJECT action.

  3. In the Merge dialog, choose a “target” project (eg - the project into which you’d like to merge).  Since you can’t merge a project into itself, your subject project doesn’t appear in the list of potential merge targets.

    TIP: If the project you’d like to merge has the same name, or a similar name, then click the“Suggest a match” link. BigTime will narrow down the list of targets based on matching/similar names.

  4. Once you’ve selected the target, click the Merge Project button.  BigTime will (a) move your subject project’s history into the target project, and then (b) delete the subject project.  When you’re finished, BigTime will close the merge dialog and open up your target project’s detail screen so you can see the results.

    TIP: You can merge project tasks as well.
    BigTime will import all of the tasks on your subject project into the target, even if a task with an identical name exists in the target.  If you use tasks, take a look at the target project’s task list.  You’ll see the option to merge individual tasks on that page as well.


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