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This article addresses several frequently asked questions when adding projects and clients to a hierarchical list in BigTime.

What happens after I create a project or client?

Once you add a client, project, or a project and client, you’ll be directed to the Project Dashboard. This is where you can add more details, like contact information, budgets, tasks, and teams. It’s a good idea to add as many details as possible for reporting purposes and to enhance your workflow.

I added a project, but need to delete it. How do I delete a project?

Reference this article to learn how to delete or deactivate a project. You’ll learn what these terms—delete and deactivate—mean in BigTime. It’ll also show you the step-by-step process for deleting and deactivating a project. Users tend to deactivate, rather than delete a project, in order to preserve a project’s history.

What if I only want to add a client?

Choose the Add Client option when you have a client who you don’t track projects for. Then, add the client’s name and client code.  

What’s a project code?

The project code identifies each project in BigTime. Think of it as a shortcut to identify projects with long or arbitrary names.

Use BigTime’s auto-numbering to automatically generate project codes, so your users don’t need to fill them in. You can accept the pre-formatted project code, manually override it, or create your own custom code.

What if I have duplicate clients?

Duplicate clients often occur when you select the incorrect option. You’ll need to move the projects under one client to remove duplicates from the client list.

Here’s how to move a project to a different client:

Navigate to the Project Dashboard (My Company...Project List), select a project, and click the Contact Info tab. Click Move and select the correct client from the window that populates.

How do I edit a client code?

Edit the client code by navigating to your Project Dashboard (My Company...Project List), select a project, and click on the Contact Info tab. Update the code in the text box under Id/Code.

Why can’t my manager see the project after they create it?

The manager must assign themselves to the project team when the project is being created.

If the project is already created, add them to the team.

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