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Adding To A Hierarchical list


If you use both clients and projects, then you’ll use the ADD button at the top of the MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST to add clients, projects or both. This article will walk you through adding new clients and projects to a hierarchical project list.

Click Add Project from the Project List screen.  When you do, you’ll see a screen that looks like the one shown here.

Adding A Project To An Existing Client

If you want to add a project to an existing client, choose the Add Project option on the left of the screen. You’ll be asked to pick a client from your list of existing clients.  Then, you’ll fill in both the name and the project code for your new project before clicking the ADD button at the bottom of the screen.

Adding A New Client + Project

If both the client and the project you are adding to the system are new, then choose the Add Client + Project option.  When you select this option, you won’t pick your client from an existing list -- you’ll just enter a new client name, right alongside the new project’s name/code.

Once again, you’ll click the ADD button at the bottom of the screen.  When you do, you’ll see that BigTime has created both the client and the project for you and added them to your project list.

What if I just need to add a Client?

Remember that every client in the system must have at least one project attached to it.  If you have some clients that you don’t track projects within, then you can choose the Add Client option.  This will ask you for just the client’s name and Id, and it will add client/project data that mimics the flat-list view for projects.

What’s a Project Code?

The project code is a unique id that identifies each project in the system.  Think of it as a shortcut to identify projects with long (or arbitrary) names.  If you’d like, you can setup the system to auto-generate project codes so your users don’t need to fill them in.

Once you have auto-numbering setup, you can decide to use/discard the suggested auto-number each time you add a new project.  The system will let you accept the proposed (pre-formatted) project code, manually override it, or ignore it altogether and type in your own custom code.

Filling in Additional Details

Once you add a new project (or client) to the system, BigTime will open up that project’s detail.  Here, you can add contact information, budgets, tasks, teams, etc.  Note that none of this additional information is required, but the more information you add -- the more information we’ll have down the road for other screens, workflow, reporting, etc.

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