Managing Projects

Adding Team Members to Your Project


Project teams in BigTime consist of staffers who have permission to bill time and expenses against a particular project. Each team can have one or more assigned “leads,” or managers with higher-level security rights. This step-by-step article will show you how to add new team members to BigTime.

  1. Click My Company...Project List.

  2. Select a project that you’d like to add staff members to. Doing so will take you inside the Project Dashboard for that specific project.

  3. Click the Team tab, located on the gray navigation bar.

  4. Click the hyperlink Add a team member toward the middle of the window.

  5. Click the red triangle under the Staff Member column, and select the staffer who you’d like to add to the project.

    You can also add the staffer’s role on the project and indicate if they’re a team lead.

  6. Click Save Changes to save your work.

    Repeat the above steps to add more staffers to the project.

    NOTE: You can only add a staff member once to a project’s team. In other words, staffers can't play "multiple roles" on a team, so pick the role that is most appropriate.



Many firms use the same project team for multiple projects. So we've added a link to allow you to copy your team from one project to another one.

Click the hyperlink copy team from another job. A new window will pop up and you can select the project that you want to copy from.

When you copy the team from another project, your existing team members will be removed and overwritten.


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