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Printing Invoices and PDF Formats


Once you create an invoice, you can use one of BigTime's PDF formats to print that invoice. In addition to the handful of ready-to-use PDF formats that BigTime ships with, you can also create your own formats if those default styles do not satisfy your needs. This article will show you how to select a PDF format and use it to print your invoices.

Step by Step: Printing an Invoice

  1. Open the invoice you would like to print. All of your invoices can be found in the INVOICING...OVERVIEW pages, and your recent "unsent" invoices will all be in the drafts section.
  2. Click the printer icon at the top of the invoice's detail page in order to select a PDF format. BigTime ships with four PDF formats to start you off.

  3. Select the PDF format you would like to use. The system will generate a PDF and download it to your desktop. Click the PDF to open it.


  • Can I adjust the way a printed invoice looks?
    Absolutely. Take a look at the Customizing PDF Output article to read about how you can make your own custom invoice PDF style.
  • Can I turn off the invoice styles I don’t use?
    Yes, to switch off any PDF style(s), navigate to Invoicing...Configure. There are on/off switches in the PDF Styles tab for all of the invoice formats in the system, including the standard formats. Just click OFF next to any invoice you would like to remove and click the Save button.
  • Can I email my invoices with a PDF copy from BigTime?
    Yes. When you email your customers a copy of their invoice, you will have the opportunity to attach a PDF in your choice of invoice style.
  • How do I get my logo included on my invoice?
    This is a two step process:
    1. Make sure you upload your logo to the system. You can do that in the Invoicing...Configure dialog. Make sure you upload a large/print icon.
    2. Select one of the PDF formats that support logos. When you customize your PDF format, you can decide how/where to display your icon.
  • Can I print my invoices in a format other than PDF?
    Yes, you can also print your invoices in .doc format. To download your invoice style in .doc format, click on the Word icon next to the printer button within your invoice draft.

  • Can I print invoices in bulk?
    Yes. To print your invoices in bulk, navigate to Invoicing...Overview and click into either drafts or finals. Here you can check off multiple invoices. Then, click the drop-down "bulk actions" button and select the PRINT option.

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