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Emailing Invoices from BigTime


Once your invoice is finalized and ready to be sent, BigTime can email it directly to your client. Not only will the system create an invoice PDF for you, it will also track that action in the invoice's audit log. BigTime also audits each time an invoice email is opened by your client, and will notify you if the email is never confirmed as "delivered."  

Step by Step: Emailing your invoice

  1. Select the invoice you would like to email from the Invoicing...Overview screen(s) or from a specific project's dashboard.
  2. Click the EMAIL button at the top of the screen. Clicking on this button will open up the form used to compose your email.

  3. Check off the contact(s) you would like to email in the "from" field. You can also select to Bcc yourself on the email, so you can see how the invoice looks.

    If you don't see the contact you would like to email in the list, then add that person to the project's contact list before continuing.

  4. Select the Invoice/PDF style you would like to send. The PDF format creates an actual invoice which can be attached to the outgoing email. You can use the system default styles or create your own PDF format.

  5. Click the EMAIL INVOICE button to send your email. Once you do, the system will update your invoice status from "drafted" to "sent".

 Invoice Email FAQs

  • What if the person I want to email isn't listed in the "from" list?
    You will need to add that person to the project's contact list. On the invoice's detail screen, the client name appears as a hyperlink, which allows you to quickly edit the project's address/contact data.To add a new contact to your project, click the "edit address/contact information” link, then, click ADD CONTACT in the dialog that pops up.

  • Does the system keep track of who sent an invoice and when?
    Absolutely. You’ll notice that on each invoice, you can click into the activity feed directly underneath your line items to see when the invoice was sent and by which staffer.

  • How do I know when the customer has viewed my invoice?
    BigTime has the ability to keep track of when your invoice is opened. You can view the number of times an invoice is opened by looking directly underneath your line items.

  • How does emailing invoices impact my Invoice Workflow?
    Emailing invoices from the product marks your invoice as sent and applies a sent date on your invoice draft. With those changes you can run an invoice based report to see who has a balance outstanding and when you sent that invoice.

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