Editing/Viewing Invoices


Any of the invoices you create in the system can be accessed and/or edited from within the system. To edit an invoice, click on its title, which will open the editor screen. You can edit an invoice from any of these locations:

  • For draft invoices, navigate from the Invoice Drafts screen. The Drafts area in the Invoicing...Overview screen shows you a list of all the invoices you've created, but have not yet sent out to customers.
  • For project invoices, navigate from the Project Dashboard screen. The "Additional Information" tab on any project's dashboard will allow you to open up that project's billing history. This page contains a list of all of the invoices that you have created or sent for that project.

The Invoice/Editor Screen

When you open up an invoice's detail, you will see an editor screen that looks similar to the one shown below:  

Use the Tabs to View Different Information Attached to this Invoice

The Invoice Summary tab shows you the line item charges that make up this invoice, along with all of the additional information shown in the screen shot above. Clicking on the Time/Expense detail tabs shows you a list of the works in progress that are included in this invoice.

Utility Bar

The utility bar allows you to print, post, and email an invoice. In addition, you can use the payment button in the utility bar to record an invoice payment. For step by step instructions for printing, posting, and emailing invoices, refer to the main invoicing section of the KB.

Click/Edit Individual Line Items

Each of the line items on your invoice can be edited. By clicking the line item, you are able to edit each of the fields on the screen. The notes field supports up to 1,000 characters of text, and the rate/quantity/amount fields are all linked together; updating one will adjust the others.

To delete a line item, click the trashcan icon. To rearrange line items, drag the select icon ("dots" icon, left-hand side) to move lines around. Once you're done with your edits, don't forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the Refresh Button to Recalculate T&M Invoices

If you've created a T&M invoice and adjusted/marked-down specific entries on the invoice, then you can click the refresh icon (next to the invoice total) to recalculate the line item amounts on the invoice.

Use the Activity Feed to Keep Track of Updates and Status History

Each time your invoice is updated, emailed, printed, or paid, BigTime creates an activity log entry. You can click the Activity Feed link to toggle that activity log on/off to review changes that have been made to the invoice over time.

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