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Your BigTime Inbox


Think of your BigTime inbox as a an internal communications hub that streamlines workflow.

BigTime uses your inbox to send notice messages when you have something that needs your attention. And, your managers can create activity messages -- todo’s that may or may not be project-related, that show up as unread emails for your staff to see.


Your inbox contains notices and activities. Notices are system-generated reminders, and activities are todo’s (created by managers and assigned to you within the system).

Unread notices/activities are red-flagged and completed items disappear. If you'd like to clear out your inbox, just mark activities as “completed” and they’ll move to your archived list.

Alerts in your inbox can be sent out as emails. Each staff member can setup their own email preferences. So, you can get notified of important activity even if you aren't logged in.

Your inbox settings are controlled by you.  Staffers can subscribe/unsubscribe from system notices, delete activity messages assigned to them, and control how their own BigTime inbox is linked to their email. Admins, however, can monitor individual user settings.


Your Inbox Is Your Personal Todo List

Instead of trying to keep track of projects or tasks in an email thread, your inbox gives you a single place to bookmark work that needs to be done.

Unread Counter Makes It Easy To Track Updates

Whenever a manager assigns you a new activity (think of it as an action item), your BigTime inbox has a counter that shows the number of unread notifications you have. Your inbox refreshes every 30 seconds and the the count of unread messages changes accordingly.

That provides a quick and easy way to identify priorities - all without exiting BigTime or checking your company email.

Cross Off Items By Marking Them Complete

Once you do, that pending todo will disappear from your inbox. Of course, you can always check out your history, but your inbox can be used to store a list of thing you need to get to -- just like a todo list.

To make things even easier, your inbox has tools to quickly mark items completed in bulk.

Notifications Are Sent Behind The Scenes 

Notifications are system-generated reminders that show up in your users’ Inbox, and they are turned on by default.

When your users have rejected timesheets to review or a new task assignment, they’ll see an “unread message” appear in their inbox.

Likewise, managers get notified when they have approvals pending so they can take care of them.

Most system notices have a link embedded inside, letting staffers jump right to the item(s) that need their attention. Your System’s Admin can turn notifications on/off in the system setting, and you can even customize the messages that get sent for each notice type.

Inbox FAQ’s

How do I get my inbox connected to my email?

If you turn on your email preference, you’ll get a list of unread items sent to you via email as summary every hour or so.  

Please note that your System Admin can turn off email notices for the entire company, so check with them if you aren't getting the emails you expect.

How do I know if messages exist in my inbox?

Your inbox icon has a number next to it, and the title bar of your BigTime website will show you the number of unread messages.

Both of these numbers update every 30 seconds.

Will I get notified of every new message I receive?

Users will not receive a notification for unread messages if they assigned the notification to themselves. Messages will still show up in your inbox, but they won't be considered “unread.”

Can I mark messages as read or completed in bulk?

Yes. Just sort/filter the messages you want to adjust, check them off. You’ll see a set of bulk update buttons you can use to do that.

Can I control which notices I get?

Your System Administrator controls which notices are turned on, but you can unsubscribe from a given set of notices by clicking the unsubscribe link in the body of the notice.

Keep in mind that your System Admin can see that you've unsubscribed.  And, they can add you back without notifying you.

If I unsubscribe from a notice, can I re-subscribe?

Once you're unsubscribed, only your System Admin can remove that “do not send” request (in your company’s notification settings).

If I turn on email integration, how often will I get an email notice?

The system will check behind the scenes to see if you have new or unread notifications or activities every minute or so.

If you’ve recently received a BigTime inbox email, we’ll hold off on sending you another email for an hour or so.

If you’ve already received an email for an unread notice, you won’t receive another email about the same unread notice. The system’s Activity Observer will only send notification emails if you get a new message in your BigTime inbox.


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