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Slack Integration with BigTime


Slack, a cloud-based communication tool, has proven itself as a convenient and reliable messaging app system for many firms. BigTime can integrate with Slack to make sure your teams are being notified of any actionable items in the system and to keep your payroll or billing timely.

Enabling the Integration

To get started, the system administrator will need to enable the integration with their Slack account. To do this, simply log in as the system admin and navigate to MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS and click on the Slack icon. From there, you’ll be taken to a screen to initiate the integration. Click ENABLE to proceed.

If you’re not already logged into Slack, you’ll be forwarded to a page and prompted to do so.  Follow the instructions within Slack until you’re able to press AUTHORIZE to connect the two applications.

Once authorized, the next time you navigate to MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS, you should find a green circle next to the Slack icon. This indicates that you are successfully connected.


Your staff can opt in/out of notifications

Once enabled, your staff members can decide, from their profile settings, to opt in or out of Slack notices from BigTime. The following notifications can be sent through the integration:

  • Review/Approval Notifications
  • Task Assignments
  • General Administrative Notices
  • Messages composed from the Activity Dialogue

To have your users opt into Slack notifications, they will need to have a profile in your Slack subscription and also be invited to your BigTime firm. Once invited, the user should navigate to their profile settings by clicking on the profile icon and selecting MY PROFILE.

Here they can click into NOTIFICATION SETTINGS to check off the box to enable Slack notifications. Upon checking the box to enable Slack notifications, their user ID will auto display within the Slack ID box if their login email for BigTime matches their login email for Slack. If the ID isn’t prefilled, the user can specify their Slack ID using the "@slackid" format. Be sure to hit save when you’re done.

How often will I receive BigTime messages?

Users will receive new Slack notices forwarded from BigTime if a notice becomes newly marked unread. Notifications of the same type that have been sent out and not yet acknowledged (marked read or completed) within BigTime will not generate new Slack notices.

Messages from the system administrator or managers will always immediately generate Slack notices. Notifications will look like the sample below, and users can click the notice name to move directly to our product to view the notice or take action.


  • Where can I get more information on Slack?
    Please visit the Slack website for more information.
  • How do I turn on/off notifications?
    Your Slack integration can be turned off anytime from within your profile settings. Simply click on the Notification Settings tab in your profile and uncheck the box for Slack if you’d like to turn notifications off.
  • Where do Slack notifications appear?
    Slack notices will be delivered via Slackbot and will come from a bot called BigTime.
  • I’m having issues with my Slack notifications; who can I contact?
    You can contact our support team via email at Just give them a heads up that you’re having a hard time receiving notifications in the Slack product, and we’ll take a look. When reaching out to Support be sure to provide your BigTime login email.
  • Where can I receive more information about notices in BigTime?
    You can read more about configuring BigTime notices in our Notifications article.
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