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Your Company's Lexicon


BigTime is pre-configured to speak your industry's language - customizing the way it refers to Clients, Projects, Teams, Tasks and more to fit the way your industry works.

If your firm would like to adjust those settings, you can use the Lexicon dialog to teach BigTime how to refer to items within the system.  To do that, just goto the My Company..Company Info dialog and choose the Lexicon tab.  When you do, you'll see a dialog that looks similar to the one shown below.

As you can see, this firm has been configured so that "projects" are called "account teams."  This means that BigTime's menus, help files, screens and notifications will all use the term "account team" in place of "project."

Since these terms will appear throughout the system in menus and picklists, it's best to keep it simple.  Especially with Task, Project and Client - try to keep your firm's lexicon to less than 10-15 characters, and single-word values are best.


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